3 Ways to Find Desire for Your Goals, and Achieve Them Once and for All

Have you ever joined a gym and stopped going after only a week or two? Has your new diet only lasted a few days and then you have succumbed to those temptation foods? This temporary motivation is so common that the gym industry survives on a massive percentage of its members paying but not coming. If all the members started coming to the gym I work at we would need four times the space and equipment we have!

Why does this happen?

Motivation is often a short-term feeling that can quickly dissolve if we don’t have the right mindset. How can we get in the right mindset? We need to build desire for our goals and be driven to achieve them. It isn’t enough to just want them.

1. How Many Times Can You Answer the Question Why?

Let’s pretend you are being interviewed about your goal, it might go something like this:

What is your goal?

– To lose weight

Why do you want to lose weight?

– To look better

Why do you want to look better?

– To be more attractive

Why do you want to look more attractive?

– To find a partner

Why do you want to find a partner?

You can see where this is going. With every step, the reason becomes a little deeper and a little more emotional. Eventually, you can reach a very personal and strong emotional reason why you what to achieve your goal. Making this connection between “what” you want and “why” you want it can be very powerful and all too often missed by most people.

2. Pain vs Pleasure

Normally, our goals are based around moving away from pain or moving towards pleasure. Pain can often be a stronger push but we will look at pleasure separately in a minute. Can you identify a pain that influences your goal? It might be a photo that you saw of yourself recently where you really noticed how different you look. Maybe someone mentioned your weight and it really got you down. Maybe you tried to put an old shirt on and it didn’t fit any longer. These events can often be big catalysts for change if you can identify them and decide you want things different. Does anything come to mind for you?

3. Imagine the Outcome

Can you imagine how you will look when you reach your goal? How do you think you will feel? What will others say to you? The more vivid the image of your outcome the stronger your desire will be. Some of the most driven people that come to the gym are brides to be. Why? They imagine their outcome so vividly that they are determined to achieve it. Some people may do a vision wall to help. However, you go about it. Focus on your end result like you have already achieved it and you will have far more success. Hopefully one of these methods resonates with you or it may even be a combination of a few of them that does the trick. In any case, by taking the time to focus on why you have the goals that you do and why you want to achieve them, I’m sure you will have far greater success with your training and diet.

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Four Ways To Burn More Calories With Your Resistance Training

Too often I think people search for some miracle program or exercise that is going to have huge effects on their weight loss when in reality, a few tweaks to their current program could switch it from bland and ineffective, to a supercharged calorie-burning workout!


Basically, there are 3 ways that we can increase the calorie-burning effect of an exercise or workout:

  1. Make the muscles that are already working, work harder
  2. Involve more muscle groups in an exercise
  3. Get more work done in the same (or less) amount of time


Each of the examples below will use at least one of these principles.

Increase The Intensity

Lift more.  Don’t be afraid of lifting heavy weights if you are trying to lose weight, the added stress on the muscles can boost your metabolism for hours after training.  I normally recommend a weight that you can’t lift more than 8 times. If you can do 3 sets of 12 then it is getting too easy and it is time to move up in weight.

Combine exercises together

Could you do a shoulder press after every squat?  What about a few mountain climbers in between each push-up?  By adding exercises together we get much more bang for our buck.  This can add up to a huge calorie boost over the course of a workout.

Decrease stability

This is a way we can inadvertently add more muscle groups to an exercise.  The decreased stability means your core and ancillary muscles have to work harder to keep you in a stable position.  If you have been using machine weights for a while then a simple method is to switch to free weight exercises. If you are more advanced, than using kettlebells, Bosu’s and exercise balls are a good way to switch things up and decrease the stability of your current exercises.

Superset opposite muscle groups together

This to me is one of the biggest factors that separates a weight loss program from a strength workout.  Typically in a strength workout, you will see people in the gym rest anywhere from 1 to 5 minutes in between sets.  In a weight loss workout, we want to pair up at least two different exercises and switch between them back to back with little or no rest in between. As a general rule, the only “rest” you should be having in your workout is when you are setting up for the next superset/circuit.  Using this principle you can easily double what you get done in the same amount of time, if you have been taking long breaks, probably more! Certain exercises can be put together easily and others not so well. If you are not sure, just put an upper body exercise back to back with a lower-body exercise, or a pushing exercise back to back with a pulling exercise.


I hope this advice helps to supercharge your current workout.  If you aren’t sure about something, then don’t hesitate to send me a message.

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