This is my Most Intense, Results-Driven Online Training Package

Need accountability and face to face communication to keep you on track? This program is for you!

Do you find yourself starting a weight loss program but giving up before you reach your goals?

Did you know that most new gym members stop going after the first two weeks? Isn't that crazy?!?

It isn't because they reached their goal. Fitness and weight loss doesn't come that easily. Normally it is because they have lost their motivation.

Isn't crazy that they were so motivated to take the time out of their day to look into gym options, go and check them out and then sign up to pay hard-earned money, only to not use it. Almost immediately!

That's because achieving your goals takes far more than just motivation. It takes desire, commitment, consistency and for some people, that means they need accountability. Not just ticking a box or responding to an email accountability, proper face to face, talking over your successes and setbacks and setting weekly homework type accountability.

But what if your trainer lives too far away?

That's why I created this program...

Accountability and Support Package

* These are example pictures of the app and not part of the Accountability and Support Package

My Accountability and Support Package is my most premium service where I will be pushing you to get the best results possible. You will get full access to my app where we can keep track of your training, diet and even custom habits that we can add. All of your training programs on the app will be custom designed by me for your fitness level, abilities and equipment. On top of that, we will meet once a week via zoom (or similar app) to check-in and keep you honest to make sure that we get to where we want to be.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Once you sign up on the Acountability and Support Package you will get all of these included

Full App Access

As part of this package you get full app access. Here we can deliver and monitor your workouts, diet and even add any daily or weekly habits that we may want to monitor

Weekly Zoom Check-ins

The highlight of this package is the weekly Zoom check-ins. Nothing keeps you accountable and on track like a weekly face to face check-in with your trainer. Here we get to review your week and develop strategies to implement moving forward.

Customised Workouts

All of the workouts that we provide for you in this package will be 100% tailored to your fitness level, abilities and the equipment that you have available to you. Any issues with them and we will change them immediately until they are 100% perfect for you

24/7 Messaging Support

Can't wait until our next Zoom meeting? You can always check things with me along the way via the messaging section of the app. As soon as I get a chance, I'll be able to clarify any issues you may be having so you know you are always making the right choices


My Accountability and Support Package is my most premium service but I still managed to include two great bonuses for you!

Bonus 1
Join any Group Challenges FREE

Need constant support and guidance but also like to feel like you are part of a group?

I tend to run 3 to 4 group challenges each year. As a member of this package you are welcome to join free of charge. 

Bonus 2
The BMF Nutrition Guide

Years ago I wrote the BMF Nutrition Guide to help my 8-week weight loss challengers get the best results possible. Most of my challengers achieved solid consistent weight loss (the best type of weight loss) throughout the entire challenge.

Since then, I have revised my nutrition guide several times to make it even better and even easier to follow. Join the Accountability and Support Package and it's your's for FREE!

About Brian

Brian has been a trainer for almost two decades now and has trained many people of different fitness levels, ages and abilities. His experience means he can tailor a program directly for you, and you can be confident that you will get great results as long as you follow it. His multidimensional approach means that you will have guidance with not just your exercise but your nutrition and lifestyle as well.

You will find Brian very easy to work with as he is always courteous, professional and willing to help you no matter what your situation is.

Accoutability is What Makes This Package so Valuable

When I first started working with clients I thought it was all about giving them the best information and exercise routine I could for their situation. The longer I was in this profession the more I realised that even giving somebody the best plan I could, very often did not ensure success. Most clients needed more than that. They needed support, guidance, encouragement, accountability and sometimes, a little tough love to keep them on track.

We aren't robots. We are human, which means we are complex and have struggles, setbacks, emotions and busy lives with other priorities vying for our attention. Sometimes we need someone checking in with us to remind us why we started this, why it is so important, and help give us solutions for how we can stay on track while still balancing our work, family and friends.

I hate seeing people waste money on what they think is going to be a quick fix to their weight loss struggles. Sometimes I will meet a new gym member who has come straight from the supplement store who has just spent $200 to $500 on miracle pills and powders that promise weight loss success. They are about to cut carbohydrates completely out of their lives and start hitting the gym 7 days a week. They've paid more $$ for a cookie-cutter program from an Instagram influencer that doesn't suit their abilities, fitness level or available time. Despite seeming to have all the tools for success these people too often fall by the wayside because what they really needed was some support, advice and encouragement.

In my experience, this should be the priority when trying to lose weight.




Accountability and Support Package

- Personalised programs designed just for you
- Unlimited revisions until you are 100% happy
- New programs whenever you need them
- Weekly Zoom session to keep you motivated, on track and accountable
- Daily text communication with Brian to keep you on track and accountable
- Nutrition advice to keep your lifestyle and training synchronised using MyFitnessPal (requires calorie tracking)

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 30-Days

I am certain that you will see immense value from this program. In the unlikely event that you don't, I am more than happy to refund your purchase for up to 30 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long do our Zoom calls go for?

Do I have to track my diet all the time?

Does the program run for a specific amount of time?

I live in another country, will we be able to find a suitable time to call?

Let's do this!

This is my most premium package which I'm sure will get you to your desired results.

I can't wait to get started with you.

Brian Moyle Fitness