Client Success Videos

Check out my client Kass who had a massive transformation in my 8 Week Challenge shredding 8.7 kilos in that time!
Kass has always trained hard and is extremely fit, but for the 8 Week Challenge she really knuckled down on her diet and took her training to a whole new level. Congratulations Kass on your amazing results!

When Aaron started training with me it was to pass the physical exam to join the Navy. Well, HE PASSED! In about 2 weeks time he will be heading off to complete his basic training.
Before he leaves, I wanted to throw him through a quick fitness challenge. This one was to complete 5 rounds of a 250-meter row, 10 push-ups and a lap of lunges. Aaron smashed it, and it reminded me just how far he has come. In his own words "before I started training with you, I would have been gone after the first round".
Congratulations Aaron, I can't wait to hear all about your new career in the Navy!

This client success story is about Matt who absolutely killed my 8-week challenge recently. Not only did he lose 6 kilos but he literally halved his body fat percentage!! He has always trained hard and consistently, but for the 8 week challenge he REALLY stepped things up. He was extremely strict with his diet, cut out alcohol completely, and increased the amount of cycling and running he was doing outside of the gym immensely. Congratulations on the awesome results Matt, you're an inspiration!

Check out Chris, not only has he dropped body fat but he has put on 4.7 kg of muscle!!

Chris has worked really hard in the gym and despite a shoulder injury recently has managed to pack on some serious weight.

What's more is next week he will be doing the Bridge to Brisbane run. Unstoppable!!

Check out this client success story about Sam who recently completed my 8-Week Challenge and lost an amazing 11 kilos!! Great job mate!!

Melissa hit the gym so hard during my 8-week challenge and dropped a solid 6 kilos of body weight. No doubt you will see an update about Melissa soon as she has barely slowed down since.

Daz has been extremely consistent and recently managed to lose over 6 kilos and 2.1% body fat!

One of the biggest weight losses a client of mine has had in 8 weeks

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